Ricky Ponting Former World Cup Champion Returns To Commentary After Sharp Chest Pains

Yesterday, Ricky Ponting the former Australian World Cup Champion Captain suffered chest pains during his commentary stints in a match against West Indies. He believes he scared a lot of people including his family and his fellow commentators after his unexpected chest pains. 

Ponting today gave his statement on Channel Seven regarding his current health condition which is as follows.

I probably scared a lot of people yesterday and had a scary moment for myself. I was sitting in the comms box halfway through the stint and got a couple of really short and sharp pains to my chest. I tried to stretch it out and get rid of it, and probably didn’t want to give too much away when I was on air.

I had a couple of those incidents, got through the stint, and went to walk to the back of the commentary box and got lightheaded and dizzy and grabbed the bench. I mentioned to JL on the way out, who was commentating with me, that I had had these pains in my chest and Chris Jones heard me and just reacted straight away and got me out of there. Ten or 15 minutes later, I was in the hospital getting the best treatment that I possibly could.

I feel great this morning, I am all shiny and new this morning.

I think the bottom line is, the fact that I was willing to share it with JL and the fact that your mate looks after you, I think as people of our age, we are a little reluctant to share much or talk about our health and I think that is a good learning curve for me yesterday, especially with what has happened in the last 12-18 months to really close people around us. My little mate looked after me and got me down there and I’m back, shiny and new this morning.

Ricky Ponting to channel seven

Ponting greatly thanked Justin Langer and Channel Seven Head of Cricket, Chris Jones who urged him to go to the hospital on an immediate basis to check whether the condition is serious or minor. The prompt action and decision by both helped Australian Legend Ponting recover very quickly and get back to the cricket field doing his commentary job. Currently, Ponting is commentating on a series against West Indies which is being played in Australia. 

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