Asian Games 2023 Cricket Schedule, Fixtures, Venue & TimeTable

You’ve been waiting, watching, and wondering about the Asian Games 2023 Cricket Schedule. Well, your wait is over. Whether you’re a fan of the men’s teams or the women’s, we’ve got you covered. We’ve even included a list of participating teams so you can start making your predictions. And because we know you don’t want to miss a single match, we’re providing a downloadable Asian games 2023 schedule cricket PDF of the entire tournament. So, gear up for an exhilarating journey of cricket, where each swing, each hit, and each catch matters. Stay tuned for the most anticipated sporting event of the year. The Asian Games 2023 are about to take your love for cricket to a whole new level!

Asian Games 2023 Summary

Cricket, considered a crowd-pleaser, is confirmed to continue as a captivating competition in the upcoming 2023 Asian Games. Cricket’s inclusion as a medal sport solidifies its prominent position in Asia’s sporting landscape. And, with the matches set to be played in the thrilling Twenty20, 20-overs per side format, excitement and anticipation are building among fans and players alike. The matches will be held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center in China, a venue that promises an electrifying atmosphere and world-class facilities.

EventAsian Games 2023
Edition19th Edition
Scheduled Dates23 Sep 2023 to 08 Oct 2023
Host CountryChina
VenueHangzhou Olympic Sports Expo Center
No. of Sports40
No. of Disciplines61

Asian Games 2023 Cricket Men’s Schedule TimeTable

Get ready to mark your calendars as the top cricket teams will be battling it out for the title from September 28 to October 7 at Zhejiang University of Technology Cricket Field in Hangzhou. The Asian Games 2023 cricket schedule has been meticulously planned to ensure a thrilling cricketing spectacle. This year, a total of 18 teams will play 18 matches, promising an action-packed event.

The favorites, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, have already secured their spots in the quarter-finals thanks to their impressive ICC T20I Men’s Rankings. The race for the remaining four quarter-final spots will be highly competitive, with the other 14 teams vying to secure a place. The Asian Games cricket men’s schedule has been structured to maximize competitiveness and ensure each match counts.

DateSessionTimeHome vs AwayPhaseCategory
28/9/2023CKT159:309th-14th Round 1MenCricket
CKT1614:308th-15th Round 1MenCricket
29/9/2023CKT179:3010th-13th Round 1MenCricket
CKT1814:307th-16th Round 1MenCricket
30/9/2023CKT199:3011th-12th Round 1MenCricket
CKT2014:306th-17th Round 1MenCricket
1/10/2023CKT219:305th-18th Round 1MenCricket
CKT2214:30Winner of Match 1 VS Winner of Match 2MenCricket
2/10/2023CKT239:30Winner of Match 3 VS Winner of Match 4MenCricket
CKT2414:30Winner of Match 5 VS Winner of Match 6MenCricket
4/10/2023CKT259:302nd VS Winner of Match 8QF1Cricket
CKT2614:303rd VS Winner of Match 9QF2Cricket
5/10/2023CKT279:304th VS Winner of Match 10QF3Cricket
CKT2814:301st VS Winner of Match 7QF4Cricket
6/10/2023CKT299:30Winner of QF1 & QF2SF1Cricket
CKT3014:30Winner of QF3 & QF4SF2Cricket
7/10/2023CKT319:30Loser of SF1 & SF23/4Cricket
CKT3214:30Winner of SF1 & SF2FCricket

Asian Games 2023 Cricket Women’s Schedule TimeTable

You’re in for a treat as the top women’s cricket teams are set to lock horns in a thrilling competition running from September 19 to September 28, with the action taking place at Zhejiang University of Technology Cricket Field in Hangzhou. There’s much anticipation for the 19th edition of the Asian Games, where 14 teams will clash in 14 exciting matches. The asian games womens cricket schedule is packed with intense competition and unforgettable moments.

The four top teams in ICC women’s T20I rankings – India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh – have already secured their spots in the quarter-finals. They’ll be watching closely as the remaining 10 teams vie for the other four quarter-final berths. 

The run-up to the quarter-finals promises to be a riveting contest, with each team bringing their A-game to secure their place. The cricket field at Zhejiang University of Technology is set to witness some of the most dynamic and high-stakes matches in the history of women’s cricket at the Asian Games. Don’t miss a beat of this electrifying event.

DateSessionTimeHome VS AwayPhaseCategory
19/9/2023CKT019:309th-14th Round 1WomenCricket
CKT0214:308th-13th Round 1WomenCricket
20/9/2023CKT039:307th-10th Round 1WomenCricket
CKT0414:306th-11th Round 1WomenCricket
21/9/2023CKT059:305th-12th Round 1WomenCricket
CKT0614:30Winner of Match 1 VS Winner of Match 2WomenCricket
22/9/2023CKT079:301st VS Winner of Match 6QF1Cricket
CKT0814:302nd VS Winner of Match 3QF2Cricket
24/9/2023CKT099:303rd VS Winner of Match 4QF3Cricket
CKT1014:304th VS Winner of Match 5QF4Cricket
25/9/2023CKT119:30Winner of QF1 & QF2SF1Cricket
CKT1214:30Winner of QF3 & QF4SF2Cricket
26/9/2023CKT139:30Loser of SF1 & SF23/4Cricket
CKT1414:30Winner of SF1 & SF2FCricket

Asian Games 2023 Cricket Participating Teams

Imagine stepping back in time to the golden age of cricket, with 18 men’s teams and 14 women’s teams, including powerhouses like India and Pakistan, all gearing up to battle it out in the 2023 Hangzhou showdown. You’ll be in awe of the diversity, not just in playing styles but also in cultures represented. The Asian Games 2023 cricket schedule is packed with intense competition and promises to be a thrilling spectacle.

Look at the Asian Games 2023 cricket participating teams; there’s host China, making strides in the sport, the ever-dominant India and Pakistan, the consistent Sri Lanka, the determined Bangladesh, the rising Afghanistan, and the UAE, with their unique cricketing structure. Then there are the underdogs, Nepal, Hong Kong, Oman, Malaysia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Bhutan, all ready to make their mark.

For the women’s event, 14 strong teams, including Thailand and Indonesia, will be vying for the top spot. The stage is set for a great cricketing affair, full of thrilling matches, nail-biting finishes, and unforgettable performances. So, brace yourself for a cricketing extravaganza that will leave you on the edge of your seat, eagerly waiting for each match in the schedule.

Participating Team (Men’s)Participating Team (Women’s)
Sri LankaSri Lanka
United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates
OmanHong Kong
Hong KongMalaysia
Saudi Arabia

Asian Games 2023 Cricket Schedule PDF Download

In anticipation of this riveting competition, we’ve assembled a comprehensive PDF file for your convenience, detailing each match’s date, round, and timing for both men’s and women’s events. This Asian Games 2023 cricket schedule time table is tailored to help you stay on top of all the cricket excitement that’s about to unfold.

The PDF file is meticulously organized and easy to follow. It includes all the necessary information for every match, from the opening round to the thrilling finale. It’s a one-stop solution for all your Asian Games 2023 cricket schedule needs. Plus, you can easily download and print this PDF to place it wherever you find most convenient.

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