HBL PSL Fantasy League 2024 – Tips For My Stars 11 Fantasy PSL 9

PCB has formally announced My Stars 11 as the official psl fantasy league 2024 again which was a grand success last year in PSL 9 and it is one of the leading cricket fantasy games which can compete with Indian Dream 11. The fantasy league is presented by Cricwick. Cricket fantasy has become a very important part these days to give cricket fans a chance to be the coach or the captain by deciding on their own match-winning team and if selected players do perform users get the points and win great cash and other rewards.

How To Play PSL Fantasy League 2024

To play psl 2024 fantasy league, all cricket fans will have to download the Cricwick official mobile application which is available on both Android and iOS. The app user interface is very easy and clean and it also provides you the option to read important psl 2024 news along with free psl 9 live streaming. The links for the jubilee my star 11 fantasy league app download are as follows.

1My Stars 11 on AndroidLink
2My Stars 11 on iOSLink
3My Stars 11 WebsiteLink

The official mystar11 psl fantasy league is a paid fantasy league psl 2024 which means a user has to pay a minimal fee each day to participate for the game but the prize money pool for each game is fantastic so by paying a small fee you get the chance to earn BIG. It is important to note that currently, it is only available to users who have pre-paid packages on Jazz, Telenor, Ufone & Zong. All post-paid users can play jubilee my star 11 but won’t be participated to win cash and other prizes. 

The process to play mystar11 psl fantasy league is fairly simple. 

Step 1: Once you have downloaded, go to the fantasy cricket section in Cricwick’s app and click on “Select Matches”. You can select any number of scheduled matches for the day you wish to play. 

Step 2: Now, you need to select your top players from both teams who are participating in the game. Please note, you need to select a wicketkeeper, four to five batters, two to five bowlers & one to four all-rounders. A maximum of 11 players are allowed just like in the real world so make sure to select the best possible team who are likely to win you points. 

Step 3: Each team you select must have a Captain and a Vice-Captain which is very tricky and highly rewarding because if your named captain performs in the game it gives you 2X points and if your named vice-captain performs you get 1.5X points so make sure to select the best players in form your captain for the hbl psl fantasy league 2024. 

Step 4: After the selection of your caption and vice-captain your work is all done. Now, you just need to follow the leaderboard after the game ended so you can see how many points you have earned during the game and if you won any prizes. 

Fantasy League PSL 2024 Points System

You will win or lose points during the whole game and the point system announced for psl 9 Fantasy League 2024 is very similar to what has been seen in the Dream11 fantasy app as well. There are scenarios available in which you will lose points as well if your selected batter plays at a lower strike rate or if your bowlers go for plenty with a huge economy. 

Below are the details for the point system in the mystar11 psl fantasy league. 

Batting Points:

Strike Rate
0.1 to 75               –15 Points 
150.1 to 1000              + 15 Points
Each Four                          2 Points
Each Six                          4 Points
Out for a Duck (Bowlers Exempted)                          –5 Points
On every 25 runs                          10 Points

Bowling Points:

Economy Rate
0.1 to 515 Points
5.01 to 810 Points
8.01 to 105 Points
10.01 to 12–10 Points
12.01 to 1000–15 Points
Each Wicket10 Points
Per dot ball bowled1 Point
Maiden Over points20 Points

Fielding Points:

Catch Resulted Wicket10 Points
Stumps Resulted Wicket15 Points
Run Out (Direct Hit)10 Points

Bonus Points

Captain gets2X Points
Vice Captain gets1.5X Points
Player of the match25 Points
Winning team (for each player)5 Points

PSL Fantasy League 2024 Prize Money

The total hbl psl fantasy league 2024 prize money is expected to be 1 Crore Pakistani Rupees which will be divided in each game. Per group match, the cash/gifts reward is around 120,000 to 150,000 PKR for the top three winners according to the leaderboard. The gifts include motorbikes, cash, laptops, and other gift vouchers which are to be won by passionate cricket fans like yourself who can select the best mystar11 psl fantasy, team.

According to the tentative psl 8 schedule dates, the tournament is expected to kick off on the 9th of February 2024. The mystar11 psl fantasy league can be played from the same date. 

Unofficial PSL 8 Fantasy Leagues

Apart from my star 11 fantasy psl, there are other fantasy leagues that you can also play to double up your chances to win more exciting rewards. On My Telenor app, you can find their own psl fantasy league. Similarly, on Jazz World, there is a fantasy league available as well. 

If you got a tapmad subscription, they have a different system in place which is not similar thing to fantasy but on that on each game they allow you to place bids on a team with their stars. If your team wins you can earn the stars. Those stars can later be used to buy some products like electronic gadgets, food vouchers, etc. 

All Indian cricket fans can enjoy the psl fantasy 2024 on Dream11 which is not an official psl fantasy league app in Pakistan but the league will be available for Indian fans to continue winning exciting daily cash rewards and other prizes. 

PSL Fantasy Cricket Tips for 2024

To select the best team in psl fantasy, you need to consider different strategies and should be well-informed about the latest updated news along with stats of the players available in the franchises. Our key fantasy league psl 2024 tips are as follows.

  1. Understanding the player’s recent performances is crucially important for you because if the particular player is currently out of form it will ruin your whole team combination. 
  2. Find out the pitch conditions beforehand with details like the average score on the venue, does it offers swing or spin, and how long or short the boundaries are. With these details, you will be able to make a much better-informed decision regarding whether you need to go with extra bowlers or batters. 
  3. Check the match weather forecast to find out if the game will be affected by the rain and if DLS will come into play or not. 
  4. Follow all PSL official and franchises’ social media handles to stay updated on every news coming. It would be a critical mistake if your selected player is not playing a game due to injury and was omitted from the game. 
  5. Do proper cost analysis before selecting your best team. There will be players who will be more expensive than others so don’t just go with the hype but do your own proper research to select the best possible combination. It is very much possible your selected player from the silver category goes on to win the game for you instead of the platinum big names. 
  6. Look to earn as many bonus points as possible by selecting players who are total game-changers. Players like Shadab Khan for example can do wonders with the bat, with the ball, or with an exceptional fielding effort on the field. You need players like him in your lineup who provide you with an ex-factor in your fantasy team. 
  7. Choose your captain & vice-captain wisely because these two players can win you great bonus points. Again select players to be the leaders who you think are in fine touch. 

PSL 9 is scheduled to start in the 3rd week of February and it will be played in four different venues within Pakistan. Follow, the above fantasy tips for psl from the opening game in order for you to win great cash and other prizes this season. 

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