Star Sports Live Cricket Streaming – Watch Star Sports 1 Live in Hindi, Tamil & Teleugu

Are you a cricket lover who wants to watch live streaming in your language of choice? Star Sports 1 is the way to go! With Star Sports Live Cricket Streaming, you can watch every moment of the T20 World Cup 2024. Be it Hindi, Tamil, or Telugu, you can follow all the games with Star Sports. Below, we will guide you through how to add Star Sports on DTH and share the channel numbers. 

How to Add Star Sports on DTH and Channel Numbers

Adding Star Sports to your DTH subscription is a simple process. Consequently, you have to contact the customer care number of your provider, be it Airtel or Tata Sky, Dish TV, or Videocon DTH. They will guide you on how to add the Star Sports channels to your DTH service. This enables you to watch all the live sports events, including the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup 2024.

How to add Star Sports on Airtel DTH

To easily add Star Sports on your Airtel DTH, follow these steps provided for a hassle-free process. Firstly, turn on your Airtel Set Top Box. Then, grab your mobile and send an SMS with the message “ADD” to 54325 or give a missed call to 9154052### (where ### represents the channel number). 

Another way of adding and deleting channels from your subscription is through the Airtel TV app. After entering the application and locating your Airtel Digital TV, press the Menu button and open My Account. Next, select Add Channels and insert the channel number, 277, for Star Sports. Lastly, press the Yellow button to refresh the channel list. Now you will have Star Sports on your Airtel DTH, offering a chance to view live streaming of various cricket matches in languages such as Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. You also receive high-definition videos from Star Sports.

Channel Name and LanguageChannel Number
Star Sports 1 – SD277
Star Sports Bangla – SD738
Star Sports 1 HD278
Star Sports Hindi – SD281
Star Sports Hindi HD282
Star Sports Kannada – SD974
Star Sports Telugu – SD928
Star Sports 2 – SD279
Star Sports 2 HD280
Star Sports 3 – HD306
Star Sports First – SD303
Star Sports Select 1 – SD283
Star Sports Select 1 HD300
Star Sports Select 2 – SD284
Star Sports Select 2 HD – HD301

How to Add Star Sports on Tata Sky (Tata Play)

Here’s how you can add the Star Sports channel you desire on Tata Sky without any stress. 

Press the Home button on your Tata Sky remote to display the main menu. Navigate to the channel list and click Add Channels. Enter the channel number as 454 for Star Sports. Then press the Yellow button on your remote control to refresh the channel list. There you have it. You can now use Star Sports live cricket streaming Hindi commentary and watch HD cricket matches in the Hindi language. 

Or do you want to watch Star Sports Hindi live streaming on Jio TV? Please ensure you have a Jio SIM, and your Jio subscription is still active. With this process, you would be able to catch all the cricket actions on your gadget via Star Sports on your Tata Sky connection.

Channel NameTata Sky
Star Sports TamilN/A
Star Sports 1 Kannada Channel1638
Star Sports Hindi 1 HD459
Star Sports 1 Hindi460
Star Sports HD 2456
Star Sports HD 1454
Star Sports 2457
Star Sports 1455
Star Sports First497
Star Sports Select HD 2465
Star Sports Select HD 1463
Star Sports Select 2466
Star Sports Select 1464

How to Add Star Sports Channel to Dish TV

You’ll have the Star Sports channel on Dish TV in no time if you follow the simple steps mentioned below. 

Star Sports can be added by sending an SMS to 57575 with DISHTV GET or by giving a missed call on 1800-568-XXX the channel number from your registered mobile number. The channel you desire will be added in 15 minutes to your monthly pack of Dish TV. Additionally, the Star Sports pack is also available on the My Dish TV app. Open the My Dish TV app by pressing the Menu button on your remote. Then, select My Dish TV and go to Add-on Packs. Select the Star Sports pack and confirm it with your payment made. It’s that simple, and now you can watch live cricket on Star Sports and other matches such as IND vs PAK live in HD on your Dish TV.

Dish TV Channel NameChannel Number
Star Sports 1603
Star Sports 1 HD602
Star Sports 2605
Star Sports 2 HD604
Star Sports First2349
Star Sports Select 1646
Star Sports Select 1 HD645
Star Sports 1 Hindi607
Star Sports 1 Hindi HD606

How to add Star Sports to Videocon DTH

To add Star Sports to your Videocon DTH, message ADD to 566777 by using your customer-registered mobile no. You can also drop a missed call on 89680-89680 by your customer-registered mobile number with Videocon.  

After you have successfully added it to your pack, you can watch Star Sports select live streaming free or live free cricket streaming of star sports inside your home screen let’s rock into this cricket season with Star Sports.

Channel NameVideocon D2H
Star Sports TamilN/A
Star Sports 1 Kannada Channel689
Star Sports Hindi 1 HD925
Star Sports 1 Hindi405
Star Sports HD 2924
Star Sports HD 1923
Star Sports 2403
Star Sports 1401
Star Sports First431
Star Sports Select HD 2930
Star Sports Select HD 1929
Star Sports Select 2430
Star Sports Select 1429

Star Sports Live Channels

To access the complete list of sports channels Star Sports offers in India and other countries, you can go through our detailed guide below.

 Star Sports has a wide range of channels catering to different languages and offering both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) quality.

Starting with Star Sports 1, this channel is available in English and provides content in both SD and HD formats. If you prefer a variety of languages, Star Sports 2 is the go-to channel as it offers content in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and Kannada in SD and HD quality.

For those who enjoy regional languages, Star Sports 3 is available in English, Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil but only in standard definition. If you want exclusive access to premium content in English language only, then Star Sports Select 1 and Star Sports Select 2 are the channels for you.

If you’re looking for an entry-level option that covers popular sports events like cricket and football in both English and Hindi languages, then Star Sports First should be your choice. It is available in standard definition.

In addition to these channels mentioned above, there are also dedicated language-specific channels such as Star Sports 1 Hindi for viewers who prefer watching sports commentary in Hindi. Similarly, there’s Star Sports 1 Tamil for Tamil speakers while Star Sports 1 Telugu caters to Telugu-speaking audience. Lastly, there’s also a channel called Star Sports 1 Kannada for those who prefer Kannada commentary.

With such a diverse range of sports channels offered by Star Sports across various languages and formats (SD/HD), viewers have plenty of options to choose from based on their preferences.

ChannelLanguageSD / HD
Star Sports 1EnglishSD+HD
Star Sports 2English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, KannadaSD+HD
Star Sports 3English, Hindi, Bengali, TamilSD
Star Sports Select 1EnglishSD+HD
Star Sports Select 2EnglishSD+HD
Star Sports FirstEnglish, HindiSD
Star Sports 1 HindiHindiSD+HD
Star Sports 1 TamilTamilSD
Star Sports 1 TeluguTeluguSD
Star Sports 1 KannadaKannadaSD

How to Watch Live Cricket Streaming on Star Sports

Now, as you have learned about the multiple Star Sports live channels, you must be wondering how to watch live cricket streaming on Star Sports. With the vast usage of online streaming platforms, it has become very convenient to enjoy all the live-action at the ease of your fingertips. 

To get started, you will have to first download Hotstar. It is a free streaming application that can be downloaded on Android, iOS, and PC, and it is the official streaming partner of Star Sports. Next, sign in or sign up into your Hotstar account. 

The cherry on top is Hotstar also offers a free account, and if you want to watch some exclusive content, you can purchase a premium subscription. Once you have landed into your account in Hotstar, search for Star Sports and select the live cricket streaming option. You can find a variety of cricket matches and events happening and select your favorite. The available cricket matches include T20Is to the most challenging test matches. Enjoy watching it, Absolutely Free on your Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, or PC. Wherever you are in the world, you will get High-Quality streaming on Hotstar.

How to Watch Star Sports live Cricket outside India for Free?

If you’re outside India and want to catch all the thrilling cricket action on Star Sports for free, try using a VPN or Smart DNS service. These services can help change your IP address and allow you to access Star Sports from anywhere in the world. There are many different VPN providers available, such as ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark, that offer reliable and secure connections.

Using a Smart DNS service is another option. It works similarly to a VPN but does not encrypt your traffic. This means that your connection speed will be faster, but it may also leave you more vulnerable to hacking. Some popular Smart DNS services include Unlocator, Getflix, and Smart DNS Proxy.

In addition to using VPNs and Smart DNS services, there are other ways to watch live cricket streaming on Star Sports outside of India. You can check out streaming sites like CricHD, MyLiveCricket, TouchCric and SonyLIV which often offer free trials or limited access. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter also frequently stream live cricket matches for free.

Keep in mind that while these methods can provide access to Star Sports from outside India for free, there may be limitations or restrictions due to regional blocking by Star Sports itself. If one method doesn’t work for you, don’t worry! Try another one until you find the best solution.

Star Sports Alternatives

Global cricket fans who are outside India may face persistent issues while trying to gain access to Star Sports 3 channel live streaming HD so it’s better to have backup options in hand which we have provided below. Click to any of it and start watching live cricket streaming for free in few minutes. 

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