Rishabh Pant Injured in a Car Accident

All the Indian News Channels are reporting that Indian Super Star cricketer Rishabh Pant suffered a car accident while he was returning home to Delhi in the early hours of Friday. He suffered a car crash at Narsan border of Roorkee near Hammadpur Jhal. 

Rishabh Pant was first taken to Saksham Hospital in Roorkee but now he is shifted to Max Hospital in Dehradun. Both BCCI and his IPL franchise Delhi Capitals are monitoring the situation very closely and have instructed hospitals to offer him the best medical help he can get. 

BCCI has given an update on the incident which happened at 5:30 AM early morning on Friday.

Rishabh has two cuts on his forehead, a ligament tear in his right knee and has also hurt his right wrist, ankle, toe and has suffered abrasion injuries on his back. Rishabh’s condition remains stable, and he has now been shifted to Max Hospital, Dehradun, where he will undergo MRI scans to ascertain the extent of his injuries and formulate his further course of treatment.

BCCI Official Statement

According to a statement given by Rishabh, he said he had to break his car glass to get out of his burned car and has sustained injuries on his head, and legs and burn injuries on the back.

How did the Incident happen?

As per the initial reports, below is the breakdown of how this accident took place.

  • Rishabh was driving his Mercedes car which collided with a divider and caught fire immediately. 
  • He said he lost control of the car as it got dozed off while driving
  • Initial reports say he has burn injuries but he is out of danger which is a big relief to billions of cricket fans worldwide.
  • The cricketer was alone in his car at the time of the accident and had to break his car window to get out.
  • He is currently being treated at Max hospital in Dehradun.

Reactions from Indian Cricketers

Many Indian & International stars are sending warm regards to Rishabh Pant after his accident happened in the morning. From Delhi Capitals to Harsha Bhogle here are some of the tweets that came in after the news broke out. 

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