Three Pakistan Women’s League Exhibition Matches Scheduled In Between PSL 2023

Pakistan Cricket Board has today announced PSL 2023 Schedule which is to be played in February-March 2023 on four different venues. PCB under previous management had announced to play Pakistan’s Women’s T20 League on the same days PSL 2023 to be played to save additional cost interms of international-level broadcasting. Ramiz Raja gave this plan that the broadcasters will be available in the country so why not use them to host both Men’s and Women’s T20 tournaments at the same time? But a lot has happened since this plan was shared as Ramiz got sacked and a new Chairman and Governing body joined PCB they rejected this proposal and decided to postpone the Women’s T20 league till September 2023. 

Pakistan Women’s League Exhibition Matches Schedule

The governing body of PCB had given this suggestion to schedule three matches as part of a test run to see how a full fledge Women’s T20 League can be built from the group up and how much of a viewership interest it can generate. Initially, some media sources had said PCB might not go with this due to a lack of budget and approval required from six PSL franchises but today it has been revealed they fixed all the hurdles and will now play three Women’s league exhibition matches as part of doubleheaders at the Pindi Cricket Stadium.

Women’s Exhibition games are to be played in the daytime and the regular PSL 2023 scheduled game will be played at night on the 8th, 10th & 11th of March 2023. 

Mar 8 — Pakistan Women’s League Exhibition Match 1, Pindi Cricket Stadium, 2 PM PST

Mar 10 — Pakistan Women’s League Exhibition Match 2, Pindi Cricket Stadium, 2 PM PST

Mar 11 — Pakistan Women’s League Exhibition Match 3, Pindi Cricket Stadium, 2 PM PST

Women’s T20 League Future in Pakistan

Currently, PCB is very eager to set up a whole new entity for the Women’s League which will be played among four franchises in two different venues across Pakistan and it will also have a new name. PCB is looking to follow in the same footsteps of Women’s IPL which BCCI has scheduled announced and already signed a historic broadcasting deal worth INR 951 crore (USD 116.7 million approx.) for the period – 2023 to 2027. While PCB has much smaller resources than BCCI but they are still very hopeful to sign a similar kind of broadcast deal for their inaugural edition of the Women’s T20 League in Pakistan. At the moment. Najam Sethi is hopeful to have the women’s league up and running from September 2023 but a lot will depend on how these three exhibition games are played out. 

Overseas Players In Women’s Exhibition Matches

Today, PCB Chairman, Mr. Najam Sethi held a short media talk to reveal the PSL schedule 2023 as well as to announce these exhibition games to be played. He has confirmed these matches will feature both local and overseas players so it will be exciting to see which Women’s cricketers participate in these matches which can set a benchmark to conduct a full fledge women’s t20 franchise-based tournament in the coming future. More details regarding the participating players are to come up in the coming weeks. 

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