How to Watch Live Cricket Streaming on Hulu

Just like a cricket ball, you’re on a spinning journey to catch the live-action of Asia Cup and CWC23. With a Hulu subscription, you’re not just a spectator, you’re part of the game. Now, you can watch those thrilling last-over finishes, witness the rising stars in action, and cheer for your favorite teams right from your couch. Dive into this guide to learn how to stream live cricket on Hulu, no matter where you are.

Watch Live Cricket Streaming Online on Hulu

You’ll find that watching live cricket streaming online on Hulu is a simple and enjoyable experience. As a cricket enthusiast, it’s a delight to have the opportunity to watch live cricket streaming on Hulu, a platform known for its high-quality streams and wide array of content. This online streaming service lets you be part of the action, irrespective of where you are, allowing you to witness every boundary, every wicket, and every thrilling moment that cricket has to offer in the USA, unlike Star Sports which does have geographical restrictions implemented for USA cricket fans. 

Understanding the technical aspects of live streaming on Hulu is straightforward. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a subscription to Hulu’s Live TV package. Once you’re logged in, simply navigate to the sports section, where you’ll find cricket among the options. Select it and you’re ready to dive into the world of Hulu cricket.

Hulu’s ability to provide real-time analysis and commentary adds another layer to your online live cricket streaming experience. You’ll hear expert insights, player statistics, and game strategies that will enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the game. Furthermore, with Hulu’s Live TV package, you’re not just limited to cricket. You can explore over 65 other live TV channels, including major sports channels and an on-demand library of thousands of movies and shows.

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Hulu Subscription Plans

For the best viewing experience, consider the Hulu + Live TV plan, as it offers the broadest range of channels. This is one of the best Hulu subscription plans, especially if you’re a cricket enthusiast. At $69.99 per month, it provides access to over 65 channels, including ESPN, Fox Sports, and BeIN Sports, which often broadcast live cricket matches.

When you sign up for Hulu Live TV, you’ll not only get access to regular programming but also to a plethora of live sports. Want to know how to get live sports on Hulu? It’s simple. Once you’re subscribed, you can seamlessly switch between live sports and Hulu’s vast library of on-demand content. This feature ensures you never miss a moment of the action, even when you’re in the middle of binge-watching your favorite show.

If you’re unsure about committing, take advantage of the Hulu live sports trial. It’s a 7-day free trial that lets you test the waters before diving in. During this trial, you’ll have the same access as a paid subscriber, giving you the chance to experience live cricket streaming in real-time.

Additionally, if you’re a Cricket Wireless user, you might find the Hulu Cricket Wireless partnership beneficial. It’s a great way to streamline your services, potentially saving you time and money.

Hulu PlansPrice Per MonthContent Available
Basic Plan (Ad Supported)$7.99Access to ad-supported streaming library
Basic Plan (No Ads)$14.99Access to streaming library without ad-breaks
Students Plan$1.99Access to ad-supported streaming library
Hulu + Live TV plans
Hulu (With Ads) + Live TV, Disney+ (With Ads) and ESPN+ (With Ads)$69.99On-demand ad-supported content and live streams from your favorite sports, entertainment, and news channels
Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV, Disney+ (No Ads) and ESPN+ (With Ads)$82.99On-demand ad-free content and live streams from your favorite sports, entertainment, and news channels
Live TV Only$68.99Access to live content only and does not include the Hulu streaming library or access to Disney+ or ESPN+.
Partner Add-ons
ESPN+$9.99Access to all sporting events
Disney+ (With Ads)$2.00Exclusive Disney+ content 

How to Sign up for Hulu Account and Get Hulu Login

As an avid cricket fan, you’re about to unlock a world of live streaming, full of thrilling matches and expert commentary. So, how do you sign up for a Hulu account and get Hulu login?

It’s a straightforward process. Head to the Hulu website or app and click on the “Start Free Trial” button. This will direct you to the sign-up page where you’ll need to enter your email, create a password, and fill in other basic information.

Next, you’ll be asked to choose your subscription plan. Whether you’re a cricket purist or a sports generalist, Hulu has got you covered with a range of sports bundles. Make your selection based on your viewing preferences and budget.

Once you’ve completed this process, congratulations! You’ve just set up your Hulu account. Now, to access live cricket streaming, remember to use your Hulu login details. Simply enter your email and password, and you’re good to go.

Live streaming cricket on Hulu gives you a unique perspective on the game. You get real-time analysis, insightful commentary, and the technical quality is top-notch. 

Hulu Compatible Devices

Once you’ve secured your login, it’s essential to note that you can access your account from a variety of devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, Android, Roku, and Xbox. This offers a wide range of options for cricket streaming on Hulu, allowing you to catch every over and wicket of the cricket world cup or any other match on your device of choice.

An essential aspect of accessing ESPN on Hulu is understanding the technical requirements for each device. For your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, you need iOS 13.4 or later. For Apple TV, tvOS 13.0 or later is necessary. If you’re an Android user, ensure your device runs on Android 5.0 or above. Roku and Xbox users also have access to Hulu’s cricket streaming, providing you’re using a compatible model.

Now, you’re probably wondering how to get Hulu sports and start enjoying cricket on Hulu. It’s straightforward. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the ‘Live TV’ section, and select ‘Sports.’ Here, you can find all the live and upcoming cricket matches. 

How to Watch ESPN Plus in the Hulu app

You’re in the right place if you’re looking to view ESPN Plus content through the app of its fellow Disney-owned service. This is your chance to watch sports on Hulu, especially if you’re a cricket fan awaiting the excitement of the World Cup. But you might be wondering, does Hulu get ESPN? Yes, it does. Here’s how to watch live sports on Hulu, specifically through ESPN Plus.

First, you need to visit the account section on the Hulu website. Then, in the ‘Partner add-ons’ section, look for ESPN Plus. Don’t miss it – it’s your ticket to the cricketing action. Click the ‘Plus’ symbol, then ‘Review changes.’ Finish up, and you’re done. Simple, isn’t it?

Now, you’re ready to watch ESPN Plus right from inside the Hulu app. Whether it’s the heat of the Asia Cup or the thrill of the World Cup, you won’t miss a single over. Watching the World Cup on Hulu is now at your fingertips.

However, remember that to be able to catch live cricket streaming on Hulu, you need a subscription to both Hulu and ESPN Plus. The most cost-effective way is through the Disney Bundle, which includes Hulu, ESPN Plus, and Disney Plus. It’s a great deal for sports enthusiasts and a must-have for cricket aficionados.

How to Watch IPL 2024 on Hulu

Turning your attention to the IPL 2024, you’ll find it’s easy to catch all the matches on your favorite platform in the USA. You might be wondering how to watch cricket in the USA, especially the IPL. The solution is simple – Hulu. Now, you can watch IPL on Hulu in USA, thanks to its extensive coverage of this high-octane cricket tournament.

The process is straightforward. You just need a cricket subscription to Hulu’s Trio Basic Bundle. This subscription not only grants you access to the IPL but also a range of other cricketing events. Once you’ve subscribed, you can watch cricket online live free on Hulu, ensuring you don’t miss a single ball or boundary in the IPL 2024.

Watch Asia Cup Live on Hulu 

Subscribing to the Hulu Disney Bundle Trio Basic is your ticket to watch Asia Cup 2023 live on Hulu. With this subscription, you unlock the portal to live cricket online streaming on Hulu, bringing the thrill of the Asia Cup right to your screen.

You just need to login into your Hulu account and find ESPN+ and add it to your account. Voila! You’re all set for cricket streaming USA style, with real-time access to all the matches of the Asia Cup.

How to Access Hulu Outside the US?

Hulu is one of the best streaming services for cricket. But it’s geo-restricted to the US, posing a challenge for cricket enthusiasts living abroad. Here’s where a VPN comes into play. A VPN allows you to bypass these geographic restrictions, effectively giving you free Hulu with cricket from anywhere around the globe.

Firstly, you need to subscribe to a reliable VPN like PureVPN or ExpressVPN that boasts good USA servers. Download and install the VPN app on your preferred device, and then log in. Connect to a USA server through the app. This makes your device appear as if it’s surfing from within the US, even if you’re actually sitting in another part of the world.

Once connected, open the Hulu app and voila! You’re all set to enjoy cricket wireless streaming TV. 

Best Hulu Alternatives 

If you’re disappointed by the regional restrictions, don’t fret – there are other great alternatives to consider for your online entertainment needs. You can watch cricket online live for free, without any geographical boundaries. Several platforms offer free live cricket streaming online, providing you with real-time analysis and commentary, and giving you a sense of being right on the field.

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